Development of Educational-Community Programs

Educational activities in schools

The Israeli Institute of Archaeology is committed to establishing an educational-community system for the renewal of the covenant between man and his heritage.

Our goal is to increase the connection between the local community to its heritage while recognizing the diverse layers of our historical and cultural past in the Land of Israel.

In our opinion, these goals will be best achieved through the adoption of an historic-archeological site by the local community. A variety of educational activities will be developed around the site, enabling pupils and students from different age groups to take an active part in the site’s research, cultivation and maintenance.

Vocational training for the unemployed

Our past experience with community projects indicates that many of the unemployed, belonging to lower socioeconomic levels, are often provided with unattractive jobs thus perpetuating their lower status and increasing their resentment and estrangement from society.
Employing this population in preservation projects may enable them to become active participants in developing the cultural heritage of their community and provide them with a job they can be proud of. This change may help diminish their estrangement from their community, sometimes after years of poverty and unemployment.
Experts believe that the field of preservation is about to grow substantially. Professional training in preservation will also enable easier integration in the profession of building construction, which offers many well-paying job opportunities.
We encourage contributors to collaborate with us in opening preservation courses for the unemployed, as well as for ex-convicts. Courses will be held according to a 610-hour curriculum, including internship. During the six-month course, students will take part in an attractive preservation project, which will receive extensive public exposure.

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“The Fourth Sector” – synergy between business ventures and contribution to the community
In recent years we have witnessed the development of “The Fourth Sector” which represents joint ventures of non-profit organizations with socially responsible private entrepreneurship. The idea is based on an attempt to minimize non-profit organizations’ dependence on philanthropy and create projects that will ensure their stability over time while generating profit for partners from the entrepreneurial business sector.
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