Preservation of Heritage Sites

The development of heritage sites and their exposure to the general public are major goals of the Israeli Institute of Archaeology.
The Israeli Institute of Archeology employs the best architects, engineers, conservators and other professionals in the field of preservation and restoration of archaeological and historical sites.

Archaeological and Historical Preservation:

Preservation of archaeological sites:

The Israeli Institute of Archaeology provides conservation services for a wide variety of structures defined by law as antiquities.

Conservation work is carried out in accordance with the principles set out in the Antiquities Law and in international conservation conventions.

Preservation of historic sites:

Historic sites are heritage sites that have not been designated as antiquity sites.

The Israeli Institute of Archaeology, in accordance with the Israeli conservation convention, provides services to various bodies, which see the preservation of built heritage as a means of strengthening local pride, improving real estate properties and their environment and leveraging economic activity.

The Israeli Institute of Archaeology takes part in the Lod Educational Project, which combines archaeological conservation and a community project. We raise resources for conservation scholarships through which young people who have dropped out of the education system will be given professional experience in the field of conservation. This way the young people will be able to be proud of their handiwork and be ambassadors of conservation at their place of residence.

Consultation and Expert Opinion:

We offer professional, legal, engineering and architectural counsel as well as expert opinion to those who own real estate intended for historical or archaeological preservation. The counsel refers to the legal status of the structure and the provisions of the law regarding its treatment. The professional reports we provide include recommendations regarding future uses and purposes for the structure. The report can evaluate building materials and recommended architectural specifications for use and if required, initial estimates of execution costs can also be prepared.

Development Plans for Heritage Sites:

The Israeli Institute of Archaeology aims to develop historical and archaeological structures and complexes.

The Israeli Institute of Archaeology acts to locate and develop archaeological sites during community archaeology projects.

The Israeli Institute of Archaeology has initiated a project of prisoners’ rehabilitation, through a conservation educational program, in order to increase the prisoners’ affinity and identification with the country and its heritage.

Conservation Surveys:

The Israeli Institute of Archaeology conducts conservation and archaeological surveys across Israel.

The surveys are conducted in accordance with the directive of the Israel Lands Authority and the Israeli Ministry of the Interior dated March 4, 2008, and in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Construction Law (Fourth Addendum).