Lod, Lydda, Diospolis

Studies on the Archaeology, the History and the Heritage of the City of Lod and its Vicinity

ISSN 2788-5151
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About the Journal

“Lod, Lydda, Diospolis” is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on the Archaeology, the History and the Heritage of the city of Lod and its Vicinity.

Ancient Lod is one of the most important archaeological sites in Israel. However, its former glory is nowhere in evidence amidst the current difficulties the city is presently experiencing. The Israeli Institute of Archaeology has initiated a community archaeological project in order to restore the ancient town of Lod and develop it as a major tourist attraction.

As part of the project, the Israeli Institute of Archaeology holds an annual conference and Hebrew journal, since 2015, in which leading researchers present their latest studies of Lod and its vicinity in archaeology, history, restoration and other fields of heritage.

The 2022 issue is the 1st issue of this digital open access Journal.

Dr. Alon Shavit – C.E.O. Israeli Institute of Archaeology
Editorial Advisory Board

Prof. Avi Sasson – Head of Eretz Israel Studies department - Ashkelon Academic College
Dr. Assaf Selzer - University of Haifa
Dr. Ido Koch - Tel Aviv University
Dr. Yotam Tepper - Israel Antiquities Authority
Architect Giora Solar