About us

Israeli Institute of Archaeology is a non-profit organization.
Our goals are:
– Development of scientific archaeological research
– Initiating community archaeological projects
– Presenting archaeology to the general public
– Developing archaeological sites

Archaeology served as a central value in the formation of Israeli society until a generation ago. In recent decades we have witnessed dramatic changes in the society’s core values. Individuals and communities find it difficult to define their identity and their connection to Israel and their place of residence. At the same time, the academic world turned its back on the general public as it focused on disseminating the fruits of research mainly over international platforms. As a result, archaeology and the archaeology profession lost the esteem they once had.

Israeli Institute of Archaeology was founded in 2002 with the aim of disseminating archaeology to a wide and diverse public, raising the profile of archaeology in Israeli society and supporting the preservation of the glorious heritage of the Land of Israel.

Israeli Institute of Archeology is the only non-profit organization in Israel that brings together leading professionals in the fields of archaeological excavations, in the planning, preservation, restoration and development of antiquity sites and in exposing archaeology to the general public through various tours, lectures and conferences. The institute is a leading body in Israel in initiating and managing community archaeological projects.

Israeli Institute of Archaeology staff includes leading archeologists, preservation experts, tourism experts and graduate students.

The institute engages in a variety of collaborations with university archaeological institutes throughout Israel and around the world.