Excavations and Archaeological Services

Israeli Institute of Archaeology offers a variety of services designed to help handle antiquities optimally

Archaeological Consultation:

The first encounter of any developer with archaeology – is facing the Israel Antiquities Authority. For the developer, this meeting is often accompanied by various restrictions, costs and constraints. These requirements are a consequence of the necessity to balance development needs while preserving the antiquities and cultural heritage of the country.

Israeli Institute of Archaeology staff has many years of experience in advising development agencies from the private, public and governmental sectors, how to deal with the challenges of handling archaeological remains in conjunction with the Israel Antiquities Authority.

We recommend that developers incorporate, from the planning stage, archaeological advice that will help reduce the interface with the antiquities, maintain the continuity of work in the project and simplify communication with the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Salvage Excavations:

Salvage excavations are excavations that are conducted prior to development at an archaeological site. The purpose of the excavation is to save most of the scientific information about the site and to preserve the archaeological finds at the site before issuing a permit for development. By law, the Israel Antiquities Authority determines the extent of the excavation required. Israeli Institute of Archaeology conducts salvage excavations for developers, public companies, government ministries and government and local authorities.

Israeli Institute of Archaeology is the largest and most experienced organization in Israel in performing contractual archaeological services, including salvage excavations.

Logistics and Financial Services for Archaeological Expeditions:

Israeli Institute of Archaeology provides logistics services for academic research expeditions from Israel and abroad, from all research institutions. Services include excavation equipment rental, vehicles, mechanical tools and the provision of expert and professional services such as surveyors, photographers, photogrammetry, GIS, safety funds, excavation assistance conservation, planning and development of antiquities sites and more.

The service for expeditions also includes budget management, salaries, secretarial, administration, procurement and orders.

Among the expeditions using our services: Megiddo, Masada, Tel Safi (Gat), Kiryat Ya’arim, Shimron, Ashdod Yam, Apollonia, Timna and more.

Did you know?

The Land of Israel, due to its geographical location and due to its religious and historical status, has been blessed with a rich settlement sequence and an unprecedented concentration of antiquities sites. Thus, many of the development ventures encounter antiquities and require proper care of them. The Antiquities Law (1978) authorizes the Director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, as the statutory body for the treatment of the country’s antiquities, to act from declaring the area an antiquities site, through preliminary inspections at the site, the archaeological excavation and ending with the preservation of the finds.