Archaeological Research

Research Scholarships

For years, the Israeli Institute of Archaeology has supported archaeology students, postgraduate research students and even postdoctoral fellows. The support allows the students to dedicate themselves to their studies and improve their research alongside their professional specialization.

The scholarships we distribute are given according to pre-published criteria. Archaeology students from all the institutions in the country are eligible for scholarships. The Israeli Institute of Archaeology appoints a committee which selects the winners according to the published criteria.

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“The Fourth Sector” – synergy between business ventures and contribution to the community

In recent years we have witnessed the development of “The Fourth Sector” which represents joint ventures of non-profit organizations with socially responsible private entrepreneurship. The idea is based on an attempt to minimize non-profit organizations’ dependence on philanthropy and create projects that will ensure their stability over time while generating profit for partners from the entrepreneurial business sector.

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