Lod Annual Conference and Journal

The Lod Conference is a platform for researchers dealing with the history of the city of Lod, its archaeology, the documentation and preservation of the ancient buildings in the city and plans for the development of the old city as a tourist site. Lod is the only city in Israel, apart from Jerusalem, that holds an annual conference on its history and publishes a peer-reviewed journal with scholarly articles that mainly present the conference’s proceedings.

The 9th conference will take place on Thursday, May 11. For more Information and Registration

Lod, “Diospolis – City of God” is a peer reviewed journal, recognized by the ICHE, printed in Hebrew and accompanied by an English online edition. Members of the editorial committee are Prof. Avi Sasson from Ashkelon Academic College, Dr. Assaf Seltzer from the University of Haifa, Dr. Ido Koch from Tel Aviv University, Dr. Yotam Tepper from the Israel Antiquities Authority, architect Giora Soler and Dr. Alon Shavit, C.E.O. of The Israeli Institute of Archaeology and the editor of the journal.
These days we are preparing for the production of the tenth volume of the Annual that is published in collaboration with the Council for the Preservation of Sites in Israel and the Central Region of the Israel Antiquities Authority. The Annual is a significant platform for a wide range of articles dealing with the history and archaeology of Lod and its surroundings, issues of preservation, art, religious heritage and the planning of Lod Old City. Many of the studies and articles presented in previous volumes have been prepared and published for the first time. Other articles provided updates to previous publications.
Once a year we hold a conference dedicated to the heritage of the city of Lod. The tenth conference is scheduled for May 2024, as part of the National Preservation Week. Most of the lectures at the conference are a presentation of the Annual papers by the authors. Every year we present the printed Annual at the day of the conference.
We hereby appeal to you to receive proposals for articles and lectures.

Call for proposals – for papers to the Annual Lod, “Diospolis – City of God” and lectures at the Lod Conference